18 January 2008

2007 round up

I have finally managed to take and upload photos of the other 3 FOs in my wardrobe. Some I am proud of and some less so. My excuse is that I was using up some of my stash so they may not be items I would ideally make.

It appears I have had a run on blue. The first photo is Clovelly from RYC Classic Coast, knitted in cotton jeans. I really like wearing it and it gets lots of favourable comments. It's nicely fitted, has a low enough neckline in the cowl to be flattering to a busty girl like me and has some lovely detailing on the sleeves (there's a cable twist at the top of the 2x2 rib).
The second photo is a knitted tank from the book Yarnplay. It used Rowan Ribbon twist which I thought I'd really like but it was a pig to sew up well and it's a bit chunky. Makes me look a bit bulgy round the tummy. But it will serve well as an extra layer in cold weather.
The third FO is a Rowan Studio pattern, called Textured Waistcoat, knitted in Rowan All Seasons Cotton. I had wanted to make it in black or navy but couldn't get hold of any. Anyway, it has yet to have an outing. Due to its colour and weight, I expect it to be more of a spring or summer item.
I have lots more on my wish list.....

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