17 April 2007

I've gone Hanne mad. Yes, I know it's addictive. Once you've been bitten, it's very hard to resist. I've already got a promenade kit stashed away in my wardrobe and now I've been given some money for my birthday (not telling you how old...) The money was burning a hole in my pocket and as I was googling away I came across the HF website. I couldn't resist the new design, Ping Pong, which is the tailored jacket with bobbles on. I've gone for the azure and turquoise mix (it's Ping Pong colourway 8) - a complete contrast to my Mermaid 8. It's got a week's delay on it while the supplier gets it in stock so I'll post some pictures of the kit once it arrives.

I'm hoping her pattern isn't too mind bending. May have to embark on a spreadsheet (thanks to Amy I'm now spoiled. I can't contemplate embarking on a HF project without one!) which I will share with anyone who wants it. Watch this space...

Meanwhile, Mermaid is coming along nicely. I have done 3/4 of the first sleeve and so far, the length seems about right. Long may it continue, judging by some of the posts on the HF knitalong. I hope to have completed it by the end of the month. Will probably give myself a break from HF over the summer and knit something cotton or lighterweight and return to HF in September. Don't want to get too much of a good thing, now do I?