18 January 2008

On the home straight (aka taming the beast that is Promenade)

I'm on the home straight - or so I keep telling myself. The scrunched up bit of the knitting is the left front, still on the circular needle but only about 20 rows from completion. Having said that, each row still takes about 20 minutes (the stitch count still numbers something over 400 I think) so it's slow progress.
My back and shoulders have been particularly sore recently and during one of several recent trips to my tame chiropractor, James (a rubgy player - and that is evident when he uses his elbow to release the spasmed muscles and soft tissue... ouch!!), he asked what I had been doing to make my back so locked. I guess it was Promenade. I think I must be sitting absolutely still, concentrating on tiny stitches for too long, just to get through a row. He has suggested I don't knit (is he mad???) or that I stretch and take a break every five minutes. Going to have take the latter option. Can't possibly consider not knitting if I'm going to retain the little that is left of my sanity.

Anyway, back to Promenade in all its glory. I actually like it a lot and am sure I will wear it a lot. I do have to confess that I (and my beleaguered back) will be glad when it's an FO.
I'm off to Toronto for a week tomorrow. I'm hoping to knit on the plane but have yet to take any knitting on board since the whole "no sharp objects" ruling came in. I'm taking on board my Denise plastic interchangeable needles and a new project (don't want to take my nearly completed Promenade with me and risk confiscation) in the hope that I can convince them that there is little damage I could do with a three inch piece of plastic... Watch this space.
Promenade will be waiting for me on my return. I hope it doesn't get consigned to the UFO category becuase I got sidetracked onto a new project. Let's hope not.

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