19 March 2008

Rogue and the lurgy

Well, actually they're not one and the same thing. By way of an update on Rogue, it's nearly an FO. Body complete, sleeves 99% complete (I do two at a time as I hate going back for the second sleeve. It's more likely to stay a UFO if I do them separately). Just need to block it, sew in loose ends and hem it after that. Which is great because I have a 7 year old son who is champing at the bit for me to make him a jumper in Chelsea FC blue with pale and light blue stripes (nothing tasteful, please note. Well, I suppose, he is only 7) I have lots of other things on my wish list but he has to come first. And it will be a first too - he has never wanted me to knit him anything before. He may never want me to again... :-)

The lurgy part of the title comes from the fact that I am going down with something pretty nasty and viral - flu-like symptoms - just in time for Easter. So it will slow my progress considerably. I may not be able to post the FO photos of Rogue for a while. mind you, I never managed to post any WIP photos of it either. Sorry.

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