30 March 2007


I just love Hanne Falkenberg. She is such a cool designer. She thinks of everything down to the last detail. What you start off thinking is just a pain to do is actually very clever and will make the finished garment look amazing. I'm part way through Mermaid 8 (cyclamen, brick red and thunder blue) and it's looking great. I promise I'll put pictures on soon. Amy at needlesandhooks has put together a really neat spreadsheet which makes the whole thing straightfoward enough to do in the company of my nearly 4 year old and my 6 year old. I can actually stop mid row and have a conversation and not lose my place. Miracles do happen!! I'm so excited about Mermaid that I have already bought the materials for a second one in natural white, aqua and a dark jade green (for the gussets). Can't wait to do that one as well. One thing at once...

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